Ascendant Taurus

Taurus rising

This child appears outwardly as calm, balanced and patient. He usually approaches unknown situations slowly and carefully. He prefers to wait and see how a situation develops before taking action. He gives the impression of a slow, deliberate child. He can spend hours looking at or touching something – be it the moving grass, an animal or…

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Aries Ascendant

Aries rising

This child is lively, proactive and daring, but precisely because of his spontaneous and direct nature he is rarely destructive or aggressive. Since he mostly focuses his excessive energy or anger directly and in the right direction, sometimes unloading in a serious tantrum, he is unlikely to seek out a scapegoat for his pent-up aggressions.…

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Ascendant Gemini

Gemini rising

This child is experienced by others as open-minded, alert and lively – a child who searches out and is open to interactions. Also a child who has many interests and is curious about his environment. His outwardly visible openness, un-complicatedness and willingness to interact leads others to respond open-mindedly, sympathetically, and encouragingly to him. Your child learns…

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Ascendant Cancer

Cancer rising

This child is experienced by his environment as sensitive, emotional, and dreamy – a child who lives more in his inner world than in the outer reality. This emphasis of emotions, vulnerability and introversion causes other people to interact more distantly with him since emotions which are so openly visible make many people insecure. However, it…

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Ascendant Virgo

Virgo rising

This child likes to remain in the background and is not interested in attracting attention or getting out of line. However, this has nothing to do with a lack of self-esteem, on the contrary – he is introverted and knows his own value very well. He would rather simply fall into place within existing structures and…

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Ascendant Leo

Leo rising

This child is self-confident and full of self-trust. If the situation allows, he will try to take the lead and draw the attention towards himself. A modest back-roll is not something he would be interested in. This outward, yet self-centered presence of him often causes others to approach him with a distance and not as…

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Ascendant sagittarius

Sagittarius rising

This child is open to the outside, enthusiastic, tolerant, friendly, and balanced. This very positive appearance of him means that other people also approach him in an open, communicative, and positive way. He has that certain something which makes it relatively easy for him to achieve success without having to exert himself too much. The…

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Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius rising

This child is usually social, liberal, and tolerant. He loves harmonious co-operation and is very empathetic. For this reason, he is appreciated as a play and conversation companion. He enjoys life to the fullest and is almost always cheerful and entertaining. This child can also be withdrawn and stubborn. He often shows strikingly rebellious and…

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Ascendant Pisces

Pisces rising

This child appears to others to be little individual, headstrong or egocentric; he seems to prefer to adapt to the characteristics of his environment and comes across as social, committed, interested, and understanding. With this type of behavior, he is trying to take care of problems before they happen since he hates conflict. As an…

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Ascendant Libra

Libra rising

This child is experienced by others as fundamentally harmonizing and balancing. Your child is interested in being just and social. The interests of others are often placed higher than his own. It can happen that he does quite a lot for others, but then realizes that he doesn’t do enough for himself which will leave…

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Ascendant Neptune

Unity – ascendant conjunct Neptune

Regarding his behavior in public, this child is not very set on any one way of being. He likes to adapt himself to others and generally go with the flow. Sometimes he comes off as a little dreamy, sensitive, absent or like he has his “head in the clouds”. It can also happen that he…

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Ascendant Mercury

Minor aspect of tension – ascendant semi-square Mercury

From the beginning, these children are incredibly talkative and communicative. Even as a baby, they babbel on uninterruptedly and learn to speak early so they can finally communicate with others. They are always on the lookout for exchanges with others and can spend hours talking about an object or topic. During their development, these children…

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Ascendant Capricorne

Capricorn rising

These children outwardly appear to be reserved, patient, and controlled; they do not want to reveal their cards and admit their true plans and views through truly authentic behavior. They can appear somewhat precocious and arrogant. They signal to their environment through their behavior that they are reliable, stable and trustworthy; because of this, their…

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Ascendant Moon

Minor aspect of tension – ascendant conjunct Moon

This child has difficulty expressing his feelings and showing on the outside what he actually feels on the inside which can sometimes lead to problems with his behavior. He keeps a lot of the things that move him to himself. He will not be one to express his inner desires or wishes – this may…

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Ascendant Mars

Minor aspect of unity – ascendant semi-square Mars

This child tends to have a very loud and salient presence. He has a tendency to be active and dominant, sometimes even aggressive, towards his peers. He does not shy away from any conflict and wants to dispute all issues to the very end. Sometimes this can result in pretty violent and loud arguments. This…

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Ascendant Jupiter

Aspect of tension – ascendant square Jupiter

Occasionally, these children come off as overtly confident along with being very sure of themselves in daily life. This will lead to them overestimating their physical strength and abilities. One can easily say that these children like to exaggerate. This is all too clear to their fellow human beings in daily life because they like…

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Ascendant scorpio

Scorpio rising

This child appears impenetrable and closed to the outside; he will not quickly show signs of emotion or involvement. With his “poker face” he wants to hide his inner life and the true motivation for his actions. The reason for this is that there is either an (unconscious?) search for a position of power or…

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