Sun in Pisces

Elements and qualities: water sign, winter, female, Neptune and Jupiter, opposition pair virgo

 sternzeichen fische baby

Zodiac sign Baby Pisces – Baby Fish

Deep down, these children will always be quite dreamy and imaginative. They are also self-aware and will, therefore, try to be more exact and more meticulous than other people. This can sometimes lead to confusion because they will sometimes, in an attempt to remain fully objective and rational, lose sight of the bigger picture and, in turn, make irrational decisions. Most of the time, they will be rather easy-going and obedient children. Their acute sensitivity and awareness are at the root of this. You could say that they are so sensitive that they could hear a flea coughing.

Even as an infant and toddler, the little fish feels any incongruity or negative vibration in a space. He can suddenly start crying or screaming. As a parent, you may be surprised at what might have happened since you yourself do not have a feel for these energies. For him, harmony and unity are the most important factors for a healthy development of his personality. He is compassionate and always gentle and is therefore liked by his fellow human beings.

The little child is very easily frightened; he never dares to ask for anything or speak up when he is burning with an interest in something. He does not want to be an inconvenience to others and will rather wait for someone else to offer him help. Also, he is a little plaintive and is afraid of getting sick. He will hardly be able to shed this as an adult. He tends to hypochondriac behavior – even the faintest scratch in his throat will have him fearing tonsillitis and have him laying in bed. As a parent, you can teach your son to become a little brisker and courageous, explaining to him that nothing is wrong with expressing his needs or desires.

These children have a blooming imagination and can sometimes no longer distinguish fantasy from reality. They dream very intensely and often wake up at night because they think wizards or monsters are in their room. Also, they will sometimes tell you the most adventurous stories which they will fully believe. They can process these thoughts best through painting and crafting. Also, pottery or other arts and crafts are appropriate leisure activities for them. Theater and drama would be good for them because here they can slip into other roles in which he may be self-confident and strong without fear of harming others.

The young fish will always pay close attention to local and social conditions. This can have advantages on the one hand, since he can process changes, for example, a move or the birth of a sibling. It can also lead to the fact that he develops a low sense of initiative. As a parent, you will always have to push him a little bit and help him get up to speed. This also includes teaching him to say “no” and to make his own decisions. Otherwise he may poise himself into unsatisfying and unhappy situations and not have the courage to get himself back out of them.

He will develop an outspoken help and support mentality, that is, he has social and charitable ambitions and assets. Also in school and later in his professional life, he will always be willing to help weaker classmates with their homework or to support disadvantaged colleagues. He has good prerequisites to be a successful nurse but also to succeed as an artist.

The growing child is not sure who to choose as a partner and certainly does not know how to approach the whole thing. The easiest thing to do is to have loose flirts and short relationships, in which he feels loved and validated. If he has seriously fallen in love though, he will do everything for his relationship and then possibly cling too much and try to hold on to it. Then the partner feels like she is being put on a pedestal and in the worst case go running for the hills. The young fish must first learn to deal with himself and be satisfied before he can enter into an equal partnership.

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