Aquarius rising

Baby Wassermann

Ascendant Aquarius Baby

This child is usually social, liberal, and tolerant. He loves harmonious co-operation and is very empathetic.
For this reason, he is appreciated as a play and conversation companion.

He enjoys life to the fullest and is almost always cheerful and entertaining. This child can also be withdrawn and stubborn. He often shows strikingly rebellious and unadjusted behavior and always tries to find ways to emphasize his own independence. Especially as a small child, he is strong-willed and goes through intensely defiant phases.

Even as an older child, he will quickly go his own way and will not let his parents tell him what to do. He appreciates individuality and dresses with unusual, possibly self-made, outfits. He is very
creative and draws attention from kindergarten on due to his strikingly imaginative and unusual drawings and creations. He will also deliver comprehensive and outstanding essays in his native language. Try to promote these skills!

The young Aquarius tries to instigate his fellow human beings as little as possible and thus avoids conflict and discussions. The support of his friends and family members are of high priority for him. A large, close circle of friends is also very important to him and he invests a lot of energy in the cultivation of these friendships.

Through his altruistic, selfless behavior he is sometimes left in last place; this can happen especially quickly in relationships since he does not always express his wishes and can be taken advantage of or have his individuality disrespected by others. Nonetheless, it is not difficult for him to make new contacts and to quickly have others wrapped around his finger by using his charm.

This child has learned through observation that you, as his parents, reward and encourage social as well as tolerant behavior. With this in mind, he increasingly displays these traits – not least because he tries to permanently secure your approval and affection.

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