Sun in Taurus

Elements and qualities: earth sign, spring, female, Venus, opposition pair Scorpio

Sternzeichen Baby Stier

Zodiac sign Taurus Baby – Baby Taurus

Deep down and above all, this child wants security and orderly relations within a fixed frame of reference in his family, even if this is not immediately apparent. He is assigned to the element earth and therefore requires firm ground beneath his feet and a solid framework in life.

Your child also needs the fixed connection to reality – fixed daily routines and recurring rituals give him security and support. Working and playing on the material level are good things for him – fairy tales will only frighten him, he prefers to make chestnut necklaces or sand castles, build towers from sand or work with clay.

Little Taurus is a passionate child of indulgence – especially in regards to food! Even as a small child, he will demand more and more, and you as a parent will have to keep candy and sweets away from him. As he is growing, pay attention to his weight – physical activity is important because the small Taurus is prone to take the more comfortable route which can quickly lead to him becoming pudgy.

This child can be very persevering when it comes to concentrating on a task. From the outside, this behavior is sometimes referred to as dull or simple, but that is not true! The small child is simply deep in thought and highly concentrated. During these moments he will feel a strong connection to himself – and he needs that! These pragmatic qualities are beneficial in school and later in his professional life. His endurance, patience, and perseverance will help him achieve his goals. He will do well in complex courses of study such as law and medicine, in which he must do a lot of memorizing and learn systematic processes. He likes to be guided and also likes to get advice from his parents; but if he feels pressured, whether in a decision or an action, he will block you out completely and go his own way.

Your child listens very closely and absorbs all impressions around him well. Slowly and steadily, his own image of himself will grow within him. Once he has formed an opinion, it will be very difficult to dissuade him from it and convince him of the contrary. This stability makes him reliable and trustworthy. He will be able to maintain very close, lasting friendships as a child and keep them up into old age.

The growing child prefers to retreat into himself. You will seldom experience fits or backtalking from him. He lives out his sadness and early heartaches in silence. He does not really dare to enter into his first relationship. Rather, he will adore idols like singers or movie-stars and hang his room full of posters. Although he does not tend to display overly emotional outbursts and makes a rather calm impression, he can develop extremely violent outbursts of rage when confronted with too much hustle or bustle. Usually he finds peace within himself and remains balanced and grounded. As a parent, make sure that you never laugh at your child or even tell others silly stories about him – you will make him deeply unhappy with this.

Little Taurus goes the path of least resistance. This does not mean that he allows his favorite things to be taken away or that he lets others take advantage of him. He has a lot of inner dignity and stability but he also likes to be comfortable and shows a marked good-naturedness, which can be leaned on for a long time.

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