Aries rising

Aszendent Baby Widder

Aszendent Baby Widder

This child is lively, proactive and daring, but precisely because of his spontaneous and direct nature he is rarely destructive or aggressive. Since he mostly focuses his excessive energy or anger directly and in the right direction, sometimes unloading in a serious tantrum, he is unlikely to seek out a scapegoat for his pent-up aggressions. Rather, he likes to spend time outdoors – seldom to be found quietly reading a book or doing a puzzle in the children’s room.
Even as a baby and toddler he is always on the move and tries to run away or overcome obstacles – here it is especially important to remain vigilant and attentive!

Aries ascendants always like to test how far they can go. Your child loves tests of courage and tightrope walks. Often, you have to curb your little one and remind him not to be so careless. This “braking” of the inexhaustible energy is sometimes necessary to protect him from greater danger or harm. If he learns to focus his energy into the right direction, then he can master incredible things.

In his circle of friends, this child is respected and admired because of his courageous and daring ways. He loves to take over the leadership of the group and makes himself popular with his bold and risky way of being. During the teenage years he will often use swearing and intensely defiant answers to express himself. It may happen that the young child is involved in competitive situations which may then turn into fights.

Your child can also use his spontaneous and intrepid nature to get ahead or achieve certain goals – he will also try to use these abilities with you as a parent. Despite his quickness and sharp mind, he should be reminded from time to time that there are slower and weaker people around him who cannot keep up and are literally “overrun” by his pace.

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