Moon scorpio

Moon in Scorpio

With his moon in Scorpion, this child is a very stable, inwardly firm and robust person who is capable of quickly recognizing and taking into account the darker sides of his fellow human beings. This might sound adventurous and daring but you should not underestimate him, he is inwardly more mature and sophisticated than his…

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Moon sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius

This child wants and appreciates a family framework which guarantees him sufficient space and freedom but is also capable of providing him with safety and security for those times when he returns home after his literal or metaphorical expeditions. He certainly wants to have his own experiences outside of his family quite early on which…

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Moon Taurus

Moon in Taurus

This child needs a family framework that gives him security, stability, and sustainability. He wants to feel safe and secure within his family and may not like it when there is too much action or coming and going. Instead, he loves coziness and security. He wants to know that he has a firm and purposeful…

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Moon Virgo

Moon in Virgo

This child wishes for an organized and structured parental home in which there are clear rules and guidelines which all members uphold. As long as this is the case, his internal equilibrium will remain relatively constant and balanced. However, if there are fundamental changes within the family then he will quickly become suspicious and insecure…

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