Sun in Cancer

Elements and qualities: water sign, summer, female, moon, opposition pair Capricorn

Sternzeichen Baby Krebs

Zodiac sign Cancer Baby – Baby Cancer

Very early on, this child will develop familiar protective and nurturing abilities as well as needs. He is sensitive, vulnerable, emotional, and impressionable even if this may not always be evident from the outside. He will remain within the influence of his family for a long time and only begin to conquer his own freedom in later years because he is rather cautious and careful and cannot deal well with roughness and aggression. Therefore he will want to protect himself by remaining in the background of situations as long as possible.

This child is very attached and needy. He always wants to be carried and cuddled. Often he turns out to be an extreme “daddy’s little one” and will not want to leave his side. Little Cancer will want to sleep in his parents’ bed, especially between them. The proverbial “cutting of the umbilical cord” will not be possible until later in life. Sending him off to kindergarten will be a tough task for you as a parent.

The small Cancer is a typical scavenger and collector – not infrequently, you will find piles of stones, key chains, play figures or stickers. This conveys security and gives his inner world a type of structure.

This child cannot deal with criticism and should never be laughed at by you. He will then feel hurt and sad and retreat permanently into his snail or crab shell. It will still be pretty easy to get him into good spirits again along with convincing him to embark on a new adventure or play a new game. He actually has a very cheerful nature which just needs a little nudge to get started. However, the pubescent suffers from extreme mood fluctuations which can sometimes take on manic proportions and cause great stress towards his environment. As a parent, you should be careful that your reclusive child does not hide away too much and possibly, secretly, hide candy which can quickly lead to him gaining weight which he cannot get rid of.

Through his sensitive nature, this child is open to the feelings of others and worries about his parents and siblings, and later on about his friends. He is a good observer and feels when there is a dispute or disagreement. Then he will try to mediate and intervene. His friends really value him because he is a good and sensitive conversation partner, always helpful and with his great imagination an interesting and fun playmate.

As a sibling, he also strives to be fair and just to his brother or sister. He will treat a younger sibling lovingly and enthusiastically help with caring for them. Older siblings are admired and lovingly guarded against their parents when it comes to secrets or mischief.

The young Cancer is a hopeless romantic. He will express his passion with flowers and poems or secretly write love letters. In the process, he will search out a strong partner which will be able to lead and dominate, which can sometimes get boring or even too tiring for his partner.

For this, he will develop a lot of family-oriented and protective qualities and will enjoy taking on tasks and responsibilities within the family. He will also react very sensitively to criticism and aggression. He will also blame himself for problems that are happening around him and quickly feel guilt regarding these problems. Also, he is afraid of illness, prone to sniveling, and will cry his heart out to you. As a parent, give your son a lot of backing and support his self-esteem so that he can shed those fears.

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