Sun in Capricorn

Elements and Qualities: Earth sign, winter, jemale, Jupiter, opposition pair Cancer

Sternzeichen Baby Steinbock

Zodiac sign Baby Capricorn – Capricorn Baby

Deep down inside, these children are realists. They are the kind of children that will not easily be fooled by behavioral fronts. Like no one else in his age, the Capricorn child sees reality unsparingly and without a filter. He learns at an early age that one must take responsibility for one’s own life and that it is best to rely on yourself even if this is not evident at first glance.

This does not mean that this child is insensitive to feelings and emotions – no, he just avoids illusions and fantasies more than others at his age. He will likely be a bit more mature and serious than his playmates and start developing his own life rules and strategies quite early on.

Little Capricorn is quite timid and does not dare to approach other children. He likes to hang on to mom’s skirt. He is also fine spending time by himself. He can be very patient and will enjoy playing quiet games. He loves his stuffed animals and dinosaur collection.

Even at a small age, he will know what is really going on in his family. He will not be fooled by passive explanations or lazy excuses. Always be direct and honest with your son and tell him about situations even if they may be difficult to talk about.

The young child will devise clear plans and goals for himself and work diligently to achieve them. This life-planning can and should not be taken away from him. At school, he will try to be the best in the class and study purposefully for each test. He will also complete his apprenticeship or his course of study depending on what he chooses to do. He will never drag his feet at work, be unpunctual or act irresponsibly.

However, the growing Capricorn should learn not to get caught up too much in certain tasks or situations. This will be most present in school and interpersonal relationships. If he learns to let go and look at things from an outside perspective then he will be able to live a much more relaxed and cheerful life as an adult. You as a parent can show him that life can be a little easier if you approach things with a more relaxed attitude. Also, the young child must learn to express himself and articulate his feelings. If not, he will eventually explode in a fit of rage which will come as a complete surprise to those around him. You can expect to see flying objects when he unloads his anger which will leave others completely overwhelmed with his behavior. He} will then be left feeling isolated and misunderstood by the rest of the world.

Also in regards to love, he can be very reserved. He is afraid of disappointment and has a hard time building up trust. Also, he never forgets and can hold on to a grudge for a very long time. Still, once you’ve won his heart, he will be the most faithful, reliable, and passionate partner you can imagine. The same applies to his friendships – he has few, but only true friends.

Due to the fact that little Capricorn will act independently and responsibly at an early age, others around him may tend to shift their own responsibilities onto him. You as a parent should be attentive here and make sure that your son is not too available to others and that he also takes time do what he wants to do. This also applies to yourself – family problems or your own worries should not find their way into his heart.

Show your child that distractions and pleasure are also important parts of life and that it is not just about good performance and success. Maybe you can send him to a play or dance group where the focus is not on performing but just on having fun.

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