Gemini rising

Aszendent Baby Zwilling

Ascendant Baby Gemini

This child is experienced by others as open-minded, alert and lively – a child who searches out and is open to interactions. Also a child who has many interests and is curious about his environment. His outwardly visible openness, un-complicatedness and willingness to interact leads others to respond open-mindedly, sympathetically, and encouragingly to him.

Your child learns to speak early and is happy to engage in any kind of conversation – be it with other children or with adults. He has no reservation in approaching others and trusts others easily. This can be advantageous and will result in a certain degree of popularity as early as preschool age. The young Gemini can thrill and persuade others through his enthusiasm, which in turn will bring him success during his schooling and later career – this could apply to a school presentation as well as a sales pitch. He also likes to deliver a poem or a brilliant speech at a family celebration.

On the outside, however, this child can also appear somewhat superficial and fickle, although this does not necessarily have to be a fundamental component of his personality. He is interested in many things, but often he does not break the surface of the knowledge that he acquires. He can talk with anyone about any topic which he perfectly masters due to his eloquence. Yet, the lack of expertise on certain topics still shows through.

Take care to get your child to consequently stick to completing things which he has begun. Also, to devote himself to topics more in detail – this is especially important in school times and later in professional life. He likes to be distracted and often has difficulties making choices – be it the right partner, the right school, topic of study or profession. This uncertainty can be very unsettling due to his sensitivity, especially during puberty. During these times he will need your un-invasive support.

This child has learned by observing that as his parents and educators, you reward and encourage communicative, interactive, and understanding behavior, so he likes to use these components to achieve his goals.

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