Minor aspect of tension – ascendant semi-square Mercury

From the beginning, these children are incredibly talkative and communicative. Even as a baby, they babbel on uninterruptedly and learn to speak early so they can finally communicate with others. They are always on the lookout for exchanges with others and can spend hours talking about an object or topic. During their development, these children will enjoy public speaking and will be brilliant at holding lectures as well as reciting poems. You can count on skillful discussions during puberty – so be prepared!

All important matters in the life of these children will be mostly solved and approached with the tools of the mind. They will use logic, systematic thinking and move forward with a step-by-step mentality. In the course of their life, they will learn that this will not always be possible. Life rarely works according to our plans and ideas but is more influenced and perceived by varying points of views.

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