Scorpio rising

Aszendent Baby Skorpion

Ascendant Baby Scorpio

This child appears impenetrable and closed to the outside; he will not quickly show signs of emotion or involvement. With his “poker face” he wants to hide his inner life and the true motivation for his actions. The reason for this is that there is either an (unconscious?) search for a position of power or he is trying to avoid dependencies of any sort.

This child does not like to show what he feels or wants. He remains a mystery to other people and thus he is seen as unpredictable. It can happen that other people keep a distance from him because they can’t really gauge him or know what his intentions are.

Even as a small child, he tries to analyze how things function. He can keep himself busy with the same object for a long time, be it a toy or a technical machine. He has to get to the bottom of everything, likes to understand the how’s and why’s and quickly becomes the little detective. Although he doesn’t let it show, he recognizes family structures very early on along with possible problems in interpersonal relationships which will strongly influence him later.

“Still waters run deep” – the young Scorpio is insanely jealous and possessive and has a tendency to cling to relationships. It is incredibly difficult for him to let go, especially in regards to partnerships. He cannot take rejection or criticism and if a break-up happens, he will react resentfully and vengefully, thus trying to preserve his pride and assert himself. Hidden behind his impulsive behavior as a child or teenager, there is a huge fear of being left alone. Anyone who can see this will get along well with him.

This child’s siblings will also often suffer from the enormous jealousy and his need to be recognized. You as a parent must try to keep this behavior under control.

You should encourage your offspring to open himself up more and to overcome his fears; his relationships will stand to benefit. Small signs of success will go a long way in teaching him this life lesson. He has learned by observing that you, as his parents, reward and promote qualities like fearlessness, control, and intransparency. Because of this, he displays these traits to others, not the least because he is searching for your care and affection.

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