Libra rising

Aszendent Baby Waage

Ascendant Libra Baby

This child is experienced by others as fundamentally harmonizing and balancing. Your child is interested in
being just and social. The interests of others are often placed higher than his own. It can happen that he does quite a lot for others, but then realizes that he doesn’t do enough for himself which will leave him annoyed. For this reason, there is often conflict because he wants to restore the balance between giving and taking. Thus, he switches between harmony and aggression, seeking balance in the relationship between himself and his fellow human beings. Still, he always strives for harmony and balance.

This child is friendly and diplomatic, amiable and charming. As an infant and small child, he almost always smiles and approaches other children so that he will practically always have at least one playmate around
him. Relations with people and, above all, with his own family are very important to him; it will be hard for his parents to let him out into the big open world – he often chooses to stay home and spend comfortable time with his family.

As a baby and small child, he seldom has problems at the dinner table and sleeps all through the night early on. During puberty, however, he tends to be lazy and is often a couch potato who likes to stay put in front of the computer. You have to keep an out that he does not become overweight.

The young Libra tends to be indecisive and has to learn to make the right choices by and for himself, be it a career choice or a suitable partner. It is hard for him to definitively say “no” because he does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Your child has artistic talents and loves to work with colors and different materials. He has learned by observing that you, as his parents, reward and encourage harmonizing, balancing and slightly unclear conduct. So he increasingly tries to gain your affection with this kind of behavior.

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