Elements Yin

Emphasis on the yin side

Water, devotion, tenderness, inner strength, relaxation, slowness, calm, loving, intuition Children with an emphasis on the yin side are usually more passive, patient, and thoughtful. They will deal with most aspects of life using caution and respect. Still, they will not be excessively anxious, inhibited or weird, but will always be a bit slower and…

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Elements Yang

Emphasis on the yang side

Fire, control, strength, external strength, tension, speed, movement, courage, logic These children always lively, active, dynamic, needs a lot of movement, and especially variety. Early on, they will want be able to do everything on their own and can easily get started without any help. When they grow up, they are often the leader, the…

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Elements lower half

Emphasis on the lower half of the horoscope

These children will evolve into rather turbulent and emotional persons, who often – spontaneously and running purely on instinct – make decisions that are not well thought-out. They will also display this in their everyday life. They come off as lively, authentic, and honest, but are also often rash and careless. They are very playful and creative, want…

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