Virgo rising

Aszendent Baby Jungfrau

Ascendant Virgo Baby

This child likes to remain in the background and is not interested in attracting attention or getting out of line. However, this has nothing to do with a lack of self-esteem, on the contrary – he is introverted and knows his own value very well. He would rather simply fall into place within existing structures and fulfill his assigned role – this also applies to his own family.

This restraint and modesty of this child, which is clearly visible to the outside, causes others to simply overlook him or take him for granted. While raising him, you should be careful to make him more forward and motivate him to take the lead when he deserves it. Otherwise it can lead to others reaping the fruit of his labor.

Even as a baby and toddler, your child leans towards having a sense of order, structure, and “correctness”. You may find him sorting laundry or geometrically arranging items in the living room. The little Virgo needs a very strict structure early on, regular feeding and bed times. Otherwise, he can become insecure and may develop sleep and eating problems. It can also happen that if he gets out of rhythm with his sleep that he shows his displeasure through an endless display of whining or complaining. This can lead to him displaying his lively side more than is desired.

This child likes to learn and loves to acquire new skills. In doing so, he closely observes his surroundings and his fellow human beings in order to exactly copy what he sees. The newly acquired knowledge and skills must be mastered to perfection in order for him to be satisfied. At school, he rarely has any problems. He shows outstanding talents in crafts and artistic activities.

Your child has learned by observing that – as his parents – you reward and encourage rather restrained, sensible and serving behavior. Thus, he tries to gain your increased affection with this kind of behavior.

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