Minor aspect of tension – ascendant conjunct Moon

This child has difficulty expressing his feelings and showing on the outside what he actually feels on the inside which can sometimes lead to problems with his behavior. He keeps a lot of the things that move him to himself. He will not be one to express his inner desires or wishes – this may lead to internal tension and contradictions over time.

For this reason, as a parent, you should always encourage your child to be somewhat more extroverted. You should motivate him to be brave and express his inner feelings. Thus, he will learn with time that there is nothing wrong with being sad or angry. Give him lots of positive feedback and communicate to him that he will always be loved and accepted by you no matter what may be going on inside of him. For this fear is often the real reason behind his behavior. He will not develop too much emotional comfort, however, since he himself sees this as a kind of weakness.

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