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This child appears to others to be little individual, headstrong or egocentric; he seems to prefer to adapt to the characteristics of his environment and comes across as social, committed, interested, and understanding. With this type of behavior, he is trying to take care of problems before they happen since he hates conflict. As an infant and toddler, little fish is cuddly, affectionate and known as a “good child”. He is very sensitive, often plaintive, and cries a lot when he is tired or irritated. As a child he is quite the daydreamer; he will get lost in his thoughts and fantasies, loves fairy tales and consumes books of every kind. Little fish gets sick easily and will suffer from colds and respiratory illnesses of all kinds particularly during the winter months.

The young child gives into his daydreams and fantasies, spends hours in his room and listens to emotional music or plays fantasy games on the computer. As a parent, beware that your little one does not fall into the wrong circles which could lead to drug abuse or other dangers. He likes to get lost in the masses and become a part of the crowd. Due to his hyper receptive social “antennas”, with which he picks up on subliminal interactive exchanges, he is impressionable to external influences and ideologies of every kind. By his sometimes somewhat lost existence, his floating through life, the young fish does not always know which direction he should take and may also just decide to do nothing.

Your child is a sensitive and passionate partner. He takes his relationships very seriously and is true and reliable. Friendships are also very important to him and he is the type of person that you can count on one hundred percent. Due to his sensitivity, he is open and receptive to the needs of his friends; his willingness to help is unique.

This child has learned by observation that you, as his parents, are not very interested in self-centered, headstrong behavior. In order to secure your praise and your long-term affection, he displays mainly social, selfless, and little independent behavior in his childhood.

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