Minor aspect of unity – ascendant semi-square Mars

This child tends to have a very loud and salient presence. He has a tendency to be active and dominant, sometimes even aggressive, towards his peers. He does not shy away from any conflict and wants to dispute all issues to the very end. Sometimes this can result in pretty violent and loud arguments.

This visibly conflict-oriented behavior and aggression is evident in early childhood but most clearly on display as a young adult. It can quickly have negative consequences on his adult life as he often relies on his hardheadedness to push his way through conflicts or even everyday problems. Those who are closest to him, like siblings and friends, will usually retreat as they will come to experience that dealing with this constant form of conflict will become too strenuous.

Certainly, it can sometimes be useful to defend one’s opinion loudly, but he will revert to this method even when other solutions would be more appropriate. Try to slow him down when necessary or outright stop him whenever he crosses the line. This will help him develop a greater sensitivity for how to use the appropriate behavior in the appropriate situation.

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