Sun in Virgo

Elements and qualities: Earth sign, summer, female, Mercury, opposition pair Pisces

Sternzeichen Baby Jungfrau

Zodiac sign Virgo Baby  – Baby Virgo

Elements and qualities: Earth sign, summer, female, Mercury, opposition pair Pisces

Deep down, this child is more reserved and modest, even if he presents himself differently. He will always try to make himself useful and not be in the way because he is not really suited for aggressive or dominant behavior. The abilities of this child lie above all in the analytical, assisting, and organization area, even if he is occasionally too detailed and therefore seems impractical to others. You should not be fooled here, he just sets other priorities than other people. Time does not matter, he also wants to handle the smallest details with the necessary care.

Give your child a strong framework and daily schedule. Rituals and recurring sequences give him a grip in a world which seems so permeable and inexplicable. He is not necessarily ready for surprises, even if they are positive. As a parent, you may be disappointed at times when your child breaks into tears instead of being delighted and happy. He is simply overwhelmed by the unexpected and the unknown.

Through his innate perfectionism and ambition, the little Virgo sometimes makes life difficult for himself. He will want to do everything by himself and want to do everything right. If he does not succeed, he will be very dissatisfied with himself and try to solve it all by himself. As a parent, you should show your son that not everything must be exact and perfect.  Sometimes you just have to let things be the way they are. Since he is so strict with himself, he also quickly criticizes others who do not seem perfect to him. He can be very quick to judge others. Show your child the importance of tolerance and generosity to oneself and others!

Even as a small child, he can spend hours on the same thing. He likes to do puzzles, work with toy tools or play games that require patience. At the same time, he always remains calm and concentrated. You will never see him throw his toys on the floor out of frustration. Once he can speak, he will ask endless questions, and then expect accurate and correct answers. Do not answer his questions with false facts because he will remember exactly, and ask about it later.

This child needs a little bit longer to make permanent contacts, whether in kindergarten or in school. He first tries things out, observes everything, and watches his peers very closely until he decides who he really likes. At first he appears timid and reserved, and sometimes even cold. Once he has made a connection though, he quickly and completely thaws and is an incredibly lively, funny, and imaginative playmate.

Early on, this child accumulates a specialized knowledge. He will be eager to learn to become a force in any field of his choice. This is his way of obtaining recognition and making an impression. The growing Virgo loves to closely observe and analyze other people, even in their interactions with each other. He has good chances to be active as a psychologist or psychoanalyst, but also as a judge.

The growing young adult can deal with love quite naturally. Through his fresh and open manner, he usually has many admirers. He will fall in love fast and intensively and can maintain a partnership well. Not infrequently, Virgos marry their childhood sweetheart.

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