Taurus rising

Aszendent Baby Stier

Ascendant Baby Taurus

This child appears outwardly as calm, balanced and patient. He usually approaches unknown situations slowly and carefully. He prefers to wait and see how a situation develops before taking action. He gives the impression of a slow, deliberate child. He can spend hours looking at or touching something – be it the moving grass, an animal or a simple object. Even as an infant, he is the “observer” and repeats every step until he can imitate it perfectly. This often gives the impression that he is a “late bloomer”, which is not true.

This child will come off as well-mannered and balanced which will also lead to him being seen as not very spontaneous or wild. Appearances are deceptive – though often he will patiently wait for a good opportunity in order to take action and avenge himself for insults or trespasses. He is liable to build up aggression for a long time which will boil inside of him leading to an even more explosive reaction at a later, more advantageous point in time. Such tantrums, however, never last and shortly afterward he will go back to being lively and happy again.

This is a real child of indulgence: not only will he absorb his environment with sensuality and passion – indulgence food is also very important to him. This combined with inactivity can lead to obesity during childhood. Make sure that your child starts early with sport activities that stimulate and promote him physically, be it swimming, ball sports or gymnastics.

While raising your child, you should keep in mind that it is better for him to act out his aggressions as soon as he is feeling them. Even if this can be uncomfortable and challenging for you, it is better than having him hold in his anger and express it in a more serious and destructive way later on. He has learned by observing that he will be promoted and rewarded for well-adjusted, measured, less spontaneous, and rational behavior. Thus, he will often use this kind of behavior to make a good impression and achieve his goals.

At school and at work, his calm and balanced approach will easily lead him to success if he is not pressured or made to hurry – he will continue to work at his own pace. Meeting deadlines is not in his nature, but perseverance and diligence will always bring him success. He loves to see the progress of his own work – be it a craft or artistic activity or his own project.

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