Sun in Gemini

Elements and qualities: air sign, spring, male, Mercury, opposition pair Sagittarius

Sternzeichen Baby Zwilling

Zodiac sign Gemini Baby – Baby Gemini

This child is a versatile and restless questioner and analyst, even if this is not immediately visible and recognizable. He will begin speaking early and will ask questions about everything and everyone. Everything seems to awaken his interest and he will hardly hesitate to analyze the object of his interest and want to try it out.

So be prepared with patience, a dictionary and lots of time to answer the questions of your child. Also, be prepared to accompany him on his excursions. At an early age, he will develop intellectual, communicative, and literary talents and interests that you should promote and expand. His future vocation will fall within these talents and interests.

Little Gemini is clever and quickly finds out how to get what he wants. He is tireless in coming up with tricks and inventions, be it a ladder to get to the cookie jar or a self-made fishing rod for catching ducks. At the same time he thinks rationally and always has his immediate goal in mind; consequences do not matter to him. It will be hard as a parent to rear him with punishments because the little tomboy will not really be listening. It will be hard to scold him or to keep him at home. The minute he sees an opening, he will take off in pursuit of his next goal.

This child tends to be exaggerated, and sometimes he may even let out a lie. Other children sometimes think of him as a little arrogant, not in the least because they are a bit envious of him. As a parent, you should make sure that his imagination does not get the best of him and that he understands that lies and tall-tales can cause more trouble than they are worth.

The young Gemini will evolve into a witty, humorous, and brilliant entertainer who can entertain the entire family with his wit and charm. He also achieves success in his circle of friends with his entertaining nature, his sparkling charm, and his captivating appearance. He will enjoy dictating poems or holding a spontaneous speech; not infrequently he becomes the class president or even the school speaker. He is very diplomatic and also knows how to deal with delicate situations and convince his opponents. Receiving recognition due to his communication skills is very important to him. He is constantly looking for praise and admiration. He also appreciates material goods and status symbols and they make him feel proud.

Due to his many interests, the young child will be popular in school. Later in his professional life, though, it may be difficult for him to focus on a specific area where he wants to be successful; for this, he can be far too impatient. Intensive learning and preparation for exams is often difficult for him, as he likes to think broadly, but is reluctant to focus on concrete topics and act with intense diligence. He benefits from his unusual intelligence and quick perception. If he stays focused, he has what it takes to be a lawyer, a politician or a teacher.

It will be difficult to bind the young Gemini in a permanent relationship. He is much too fond of flirting and enjoys his freedom and the admiration of others. Here, too, it is difficult for him to decide and make up his mind. He hates boredom and is always restless and in search of the new, unknown, and is also fond of mysteries. This makes it difficult for him to really pause, to experience the moment and to enjoy his happiness.

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