Moon Taurus

Moon in Taurus

This child needs a family framework that gives him security, stability, and sustainability. He wants to feel safe and secure within his family and may not like it when there is too much action or coming and going. Instead, he loves coziness and security. He wants to know that he has a firm and purposeful…

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Ascendant Taurus

Taurus rising

This child appears outwardly as calm, balanced and patient. He usually approaches unknown situations slowly and carefully. He prefers to wait and see how a situation develops before taking action. He gives the impression of a slow, deliberate child. He can spend hours looking at or touching something – be it the moving grass, an animal or…

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Taurus zodiac sign


Sun in Taurus Elements and qualities: earth sign, spring, female, Venus, opposition pair Scorpio Deep down and above all, this child wants security and orderly relations within a fixed frame of reference in his family, even if this is not immediately apparent. He is assigned to the element earth and therefore requires firm ground beneath…

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