Moon in Taurus

This child needs a family framework that gives him security, stability, and sustainability. He wants to feel safe and secure within his family and may not like it when there is too much action or coming and going. Instead, he loves coziness and security. He wants to know that he has a firm and purposeful role within his family. Permanent personal and spatial changes to his environment will both irritate and frighten him. Ultimately, he is afraid of losing the grip over his inner security.

The child has a rather pensive and almost phlegmatic nature which is clearly set on slowness and sluggishness. Everything that is quick or abrubt does not fit his temper and will make him feel distrustful because he seeks stability and sustainability. Just the same, he will tend to react slowly, pensively, and measuredly when it comes to external impulses or when he is flooded with information. It will take him time to sort through things that are new or unexpected. However, if he has decided something, he will usually be very sure of himself and his plans.

This child usually sees his mother as quite stable, reliable, sensitive, and independent. This should lead to him developing a stable self-esteem and self-confidence.

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