Moon scorpio

Moon in Scorpio

With his moon in Scorpion, this child is a very stable, inwardly firm and robust person who is capable of quickly recognizing and taking into account the darker sides of his fellow human beings. This might sound adventurous and daring but you should not underestimate him, he is inwardly more mature and sophisticated than his…

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scorpio zodiac sign


Sun in Scorpio Elements and qualities: water sign, autumn, female, Mars, opposition pair Taurus Deep down, this child is pretty fixated and extreme and can develop very intense feelings, emotions, and passions, even if this is not immediately apparent. He is not a negative person, quite the opposite. He is very helpful, courageous and always…

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Ascendant scorpio

Scorpio rising

This child appears impenetrable and closed to the outside; he will not quickly show signs of emotion or involvement. With his “poker face” he wants to hide his inner life and the true motivation for his actions. The reason for this is that there is either an (unconscious?) search for a position of power or…

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