Moon in Scorpio

With his moon in Scorpion, this child is a very stable, inwardly firm and robust person who is capable of quickly recognizing and taking into account the darker sides of his fellow human beings. This might sound adventurous and daring but you should not underestimate him, he is inwardly more mature and sophisticated than his young age suggests.

Due to his sharp eye, he will not be likely to miss hidden messages during communication. Subconsciously he will continuously try to push his own limits. He will not mind to enter into power struggles, even with adults. Still he can be just as extreme when it comes to defending his relatives and friends. If someone finds their way into his heart then they can be sure that they will always have a place there.

This child needs parents who can put up with a lot of resistance and defiance while still standing by his side. As a parent, you can rely on the fact that he will always respect and love you even if it doesn’t seem like it at times. The fact that he can see through people at an early age will lead him to develop a healthy distrust and be cautious with others. This can spiral into cynicism and a general dislike for people if he does not receive a lot of positive attention from his parents as a child.

This child usually experiences his mother as a very powerful and commanding person who has a key position within the family. Accordingly, he will always try to maintain a position of power in order to withstand the influence of his mother.

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