Sun in Sagittarius

Elements and qualities: fire sign, autumn, male, Jupiter, opposition pair Gemini

Sternzeichen Baby Schütze

Zodiac sign Baby Sagittarius – Sagittarius Baby

Deep down, this child is very enthusiastic, honest, and sincere and knows how to be on the offensive. He will have little trouble growing and expanding his scope of influence even if this is not immediately apparent. Almost automatically, he finds the right tone and the right gesture to win over others.

This child knows very well how to win the admiration of others. He will have a hard time being deliberate and is almost incapable of developing sophisticated strategies to get through life better. He is instinctively honest and authentic which is recognized by others who will encourage and support him in his actions. Little child will almost always get what he wants from you as parents but also from others. At the same time, he does not need to quarrel or cry, no, all of his desires will come flying. He immediately leaves a good impression and due to his natural, informal, and cordial nature, he immediately assures himself the sympathy of others. Be it a lollipop at the bakery or a balloon at the toy store, even his grandparents just cannot say “no” to him. They will tend to overdo it with candy and gifts.

For you as a parent, your child can sometimes be a bit too strenuous and challenging. Everyone will fall to bed exhausted at night, except for your child. Do not try to discipline him too much. Let him whirl around and roar, because he needs the space and mental freedom for his development.

The young child also has a pronounced sense of justice and is very generous. Not infrequently, he shares his cookies with playmates on the playground or gives his little sibling some of his own gifts or toys. He has a solid and lasting circle of friends. Even in kindergarten, or on the playground, it becomes clear he can quickly find friends and build lasting relationships which could accompany him into old age. Through his constantly balanced giving and taking and honest behavior, this child is extremely popular. He is often chosen as a class spokesman.

The young child has a good sense for opportunities and favorable situations. Almost playfully, he always seems to be in the right place at the right moment. This is the “good fortune” of Sagittarius which is so much emphasized in astrology. It is simply the gift of him to recognize and use the situations quickly and aptly which best contribute to his “good fortune”. Especially the positive and flexible basic life view of Sagittariuses is highlighted here. Your son is no exception.

The growing Sagittarius is very keen to gather his own experiences – whether on adventure trips, perhaps with the backpack through Asia and India – or also in love. It is not that he does not like to be at home and with his family, on the contrary. He just loves the new and unknown and wants to explore the larger connections of life and the world.

His first relationships will be unproblematic and full of joy. If he feels supervised, controlled, and constricted, he sometimes presents a certain arrogance and even lack of tact, which his partner may see as disrespect and could ultimately lead to a break-up.

Because of his keen understanding and good intuition, paired with a strong sense of justice, the young Sagittarius has the stuff to be a lawyer or judge – but also in the religious or humanitarian sector he can find a home. He only needs to learn that even the small, everyday day things are also important. Not just the big, the whole, the universal.

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