Moon in Virgo

This child wishes for an organized and structured parental home in which there are clear rules and guidelines which all members uphold. As long as this is the case, his internal equilibrium will remain relatively constant and balanced. However, if there are fundamental changes within the family then he will quickly become suspicious and insecure due to the fact that he will lose his oversight of the entire situation. Therefore, as a parent, you should take extra care to keep his immediate surroundings and influences as constant as possible. Make sure you take the time to explain and detail upcoming changes in his life. These plans should also be carried out according to a foreseeable plan. This is especially important for your child because he fears that if order is lost, then chaos will erupt and anarchy will take over.

To him, feelings, emotions, and romaticized ideas which are too openly displayed do not hold much weight. He prefers to stick to facts and reality. Only rarely will he become overly emotional. He reacts rather subdued, pensive and factual to external influences. He will mostly avoid fantasizing about things or coming off as being much more than he is.

This child sees his mother as hard-working, organized, and active in the sense of serving greater causes. He will also develop ambitions in this regard.

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