Emphasis on the yin side

Water, devotion, tenderness, inner strength, relaxation, slowness, calm, loving, intuition

Children with an emphasis on the yin side are usually more passive, patient, and thoughtful. They will deal with most aspects of life using caution and respect. Still, they will not be excessively anxious, inhibited or weird, but will always be a bit slower and more careful in life. They will take their time to think things through and take their time when making decisions. This can actually be seen as something positive because prudence and a good dose of respect are things more people should possess. Then, many things would run much better in life.

These children also tend to develop strong habits and rituals in life because they give them a sense of security and stability. You should make a small, inconspicuous effort to make your child more flexible: encourage it to take on new ventures or to do something extraordinary.

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