Emphasis on the yang side

Fire, control, strength, external strength, tension, speed, movement, courage, logic

These children always lively, active, dynamic, needs a lot of movement, and especially variety. Early on, they will want be able to do everything on their own and can easily get started without any help.

When they grow up, they are often the leader, the “doer”. This disposition gives these children many advantages in our performance and information oriented society, especially in regards to their profession. It is typical for them not to wait until something happens. They themselves make sure that things get moving and are responsible for making sure things “get started”. They have an incredible amount of initiative and energy.

Occasionally, these children overdo things. They will then be overwhelmed by too much action or activities which can make them get too wound-up or even become aggressive or loud. Make sure (if necessary, in a vigorous way) that your child develops a minimum of discipline and responsibility so that in the future it is not faced with many started but unfinished projects.

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