Emphasis on the lower half of the horoscope

These children will evolve into rather turbulent and emotional persons, who often – spontaneously and running purely on instinct – make decisions that are not well thought-out. They will also display this in their everyday life. They come off as lively, authentic, and honest, but are also often rash and careless. They are very playful and creative, want to try out a lot of new things and like to experiment.

They are interested in many different types of sports and hobbies. Still, these children are happiest when they are able to live out their creativity. Certainly, they will show a special talent with their artistic or creative abilities, which should be encouraged and supported from an early age on. Also, they will love and have a special admiration for all natural and living things. They will develop a good sense for nature, plants, and animals. Take your child camping and on trips to the sea. You should also go for walks together or visit a botanical garden. Your child will absorb knowledge and experiences and enjoy them to the fullest.

Later, these children will grow into a rather honest and sincere adult who will not be prone to telling lies. Others will easily be able to tell if he tries to tell lies or make excuses. He has a pronounced sense of justice and will always defend his friends.

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