Sun in the twelfth house

Mutable house, water house

The sequence of houses symbolizes the stream of life. Each zodiac sign may be cardinal, fixed, or mutable, and it passes through this cycle. Everything that has an origin, a new beginning, an occurrence and a creation, is at the beginning of this sequence. The achieved brings us prosperity and security and in turn awakens wishes and needs. From the new and the existing, we learn, learn from mistakes, observe and begin again to take action. This astrological triad, or triad of the psyche, is composed of cardinal houses, fixed and mutable houses.

The mutable house stands for learning, assimilating, and observing; a restless force is in control here. Things are to be brought to a close and improvements are to be found for things that are already existing.

Water houses

The water houses symbolize all things unconscious and subconscious.They are strongly associated with the family life, the common existence with others, and with topics related to the home. Children with an emphasis on this house are very emotional, sensitive, and sentimental people who often act intuitively. They seem to have already been born with certain needs and unconscious desires. These people deal a lot with themselves, their thoughts, and are often self-conscious. The past often plays an essential role – memories, fears, injuries – it is about awareness and about coping and letting go.

This child will be an adult who is either rather withdrawn or extremely in the limelight. Still, he sometimes feels that he is not understood by others very well. The problem is that he can perceive things that are going on in the background and “read between the lines” better than others. In turn, he will be a sensitive person. He observes and takes in more information from a situation than others which sometimes leaves him feeling overwhelmed. He often plays in his own room and likes to live in his own imagination. Even as a young man, he is not a partygoer.

Sometimes this child will compensate for his withdrawnness through an excessive display of performance-oriented behavior although this is not really his true nature. He will actually need frequent breaks – both physically and mentally – because his energy is limited. He will find his fulfillment in relative solitude. He will feel very comfortable working behind the scenes, for example in a laboratory where he can accomplish great things. This child will also find happiness in helping others, for example by caring for a sick relative. He tends to sacrifice himself too much and even fall into the role of a martyr in certain situations.

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