Unity – Mercury conjunct Uranus

This child tends to act and think fairly quickly but sometimes a bit too hastily. This may cause him to overlook important details, make mistakes, and be too unconcentrated in the heat of the moment. He simply wants to live out his plans and ideas as quickly as possible. He is often unwilling to accept that some things just need to be given their due time.

He often develops ingenious and eccentric ideas and plans that are way ahead of their time but will lack the patience to complete these plans in a rational manner. He may often have to start all over, from the beginning, which will eventually lead him to losing interest in his endeavors. It will be no different when it comes to studying. He can absorb and process knowledge almost instantly, like a computer, but if he has to sit for too long or if he gets bored then he will internally power down.

Your child will have a hard time concentrating because of his internal unrest. During his development, he should and must learn to be more patient and find more inner peace.

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