Unity – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

This child generally thinks and acts in a fast and purposeful way. He conceives situations and structures quickly and holistically without losing track of a concept or the bigger picture. He also tends to find the right words intuitively as soon as he communicates and tries to convince others. He is very grounded and seldom loses touch with reality.

The child learns easily, quickly, and with pleasure – he should therefore enjoy going to school. He always wants to learn new things, and even as an adult it will not be enough for him to know just the necessary things for making it through everyday life. Sometimes he tends to exaggerate when thinking or speaking, especially when he is in search of attention and approval. He may then display a somewhat cocky and overstated behavior. Your child needs a lot of stimulation and variation in his daily routine and tends to act in a hectic and nervous way.

This child places great value on being treated as an individual and important person. You as his parents should try to respect and be mindful of that by taking him seriously and promoting him.

Early on, your child will most likely present himself in an independent and self-willed manner. Others will therefore automatically and naturally respect him. He will also develop technical and intellectual interests from an early age on, thus being streets ahead of his peers.

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